DLC mounts 


DLC mounts 

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Cassandra: The only one who escaped the blast that killed thousands and you have no idea how you survived?

My future Inquisitor: Shit happens.


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The woman we saw at the Gate of the Fountain,

As twilight stole down upon the city walls

Like a cloaked thief of the day’s light,

Wore the first holy stars of Ashar

As ornaments atop the dark fall of her hair.

What shall be the name of their beauty

If it be not her name?

The Lions of Al-Rassan, Guy Gavriel Kay

(This poem ended up stuck in my head today and I couldn’t quite dislodge it, so I thought I’d share. It’s written by a character after he and his friend, the king of a fantasy Moorish Spain city-state, meet a woman by a fountain - the king goes on to become one of the most powerful men in the world (if he isn’t already at that point!) the woman his courtesan, and the poet an infamous assassin.)


The American Reader:

I have a fun game/exercise that I play with my rhetoric classes. I pick a seemingly innocuous phrase that is (over-)used in mass media, then I ask the class to explain what it means. No matter what they say, I either pretend not to understand, or ask “no, but what does it mean?” The students think it’s frustrating, then funny, then, frustrating again. A favorite phrase for this game is “senseless violence.”
The point of the exercise is to examine some of the contradictions or confusion we use in everyday language. I feel this way about the phrase “faith in humanity,” and especially “restore [my/your/anyone’s] faith in humanity.” What is humanity, what does it mean to have faith in it, and why does the faith need to be restored? I assume that humanity means something close to “the goodness of human nature,” and not “the essential or unifying nature of personhood,” but I’m really not sure. At the very least the repeated recycling of this phrase should serve as a reminder of the Sisyphean task of restoring faith in humanity, whatever it may mean. Humanity is always already in doubt; our faith must endlessly be restored.

This exercise is one of our most potent writing tools for Cards Against Humanity, dissecting mass-media is a goldmine for us.

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Emphasis mine.

How to tell you are a college student

  • You’ve eaten nothing but strawberries, pita bread, and black beans for the last two days.
  • When you finally do get real food, you eat it out of a mug because fuck dishes man.


As much as I hated Joffrey for all this time, I’m going to miss Jack Gleeson on the screen

Agreed! I loved every moment of his Joffrey pretending to be a badass.

Septons speak of seven gods; there are but two. A god of light and love and joy, and a god of darkness, evil, and fear. Eternally at war.